I See Life in Colour: why does my journal have to be in black and white?

I See Life in Colour: why does my journal have to be in black and white?

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Discovering a letter from the 1940s, written by an aunt, opened a window to her world for me. It wasn’t just the words she chose but the spirit behind them that painted a picture of her resilience during the blitz. This moment underscored the power of personal writings to reveal the essence of a person, much like a meticulously kept journal can.

Journals are windows to the soul, capturing the swirl of thoughts, emotions, and experiences that define us. They are the keepers of our secrets, witnesses to our internal struggles, and companions through our most candid moments. Yet, in an age where our lives are often a curated display on social media, the act of journaling remains a profound, private counterbalance.

For me, the traditional black ink on white paper never sufficed to express the full spectrum of my emotions. The limitations of words often led to frustration, as attempts to articulate my feelings tangled into a mess of crossed-out lines and scribbles. This struggle sparked a realization: My world was awash with color, and my journal should be too.

Beechmore Books’ Vibrant Collection of Journals became my canvas. No longer confined to the binary of black and white, I discovered the freedom to splash my thoughts across pages in hues that resonated with my mood. A serene blend of yellows and greens to symbolize tranquility, a chaotic dance of reds, blacks, and browns for the days teeming with frustration and elation. These colors became my language, a way to externalize the complexity of emotions that words alone could not capture.

In this vibrant diary, every stroke, every shade, is a reflection of a moment lived — fully and unapologetically. The Beechmore Arts Sketchbook Journal, with its pages inviting the touch of color, became a sanctuary for my emotional landscapes. The tactile experience of dragging an oil pastel across its surface, the way the colors blend and contrast, mirrors the process of navigating life’s highs and lows.

As I flip through past entries, each page is a visceral reminder of the emotions that coursed through me. This chromatic diary isn’t just a record of days passed; it’s a testament to the depth and diversity of human feeling. The practice of assigning colors to emotions, of building a visual tapestry of my inner world, offered not just clarity but a means to embrace every facet of my emotional spectrum.

Would someone else understand the stories these colors tell? Perhaps not. But that’s the beauty of it. To the uninitiated, it may appear as mere abstraction, a collection of colors without meaning. Yet, to those who know me, each hue whispers a tale of joy, sorrow, growth, and resilience.

In a world that often demands conformity, finding a mode of expression that’s uniquely yours is liberating. Beechmore Books understands this, crafting journals that invite you to see life in color, to document your journey in a way that’s as unique and vibrant as you are.

So, why should my journal be in black and white when life brims with color? With Beechmore, it doesn’t have to be.