When to Share Your Work… and When Not To

When to Share Your Work… and When Not To

Like any writer worth their salt, I have a slew of rejections languishing in my inbox. If you’re planning to make a career in the arts, unless you tumble out of the womb and bump into New York’s most powerful agent, you’ll likely spend many years showing your work to people who aren’t going to champion it.

In these moments, where do we find solace? Some find it in the ritual of pinning rejection letters to their wall as badges of honor, while others might dive straight into the next project, perhaps sketching out their feelings in a Sketchbook or jotting down fresh ideas in a Dotted Notebook. Beechmore Books offers a sanctuary for your thoughts with our collection of Sketchbooks, perfect for artists navigating through the waves of creative work and rejection. Each stroke of the pen or pencil across the premium paper can serve as a therapeutic step towards recovery and readiness to share once again.

And for writers, our Hardcover and Softcover Ruled Notebooks provide an elegant, durable space for reflections or the beginnings of your next masterpiece. If you're gearing up for another round of submissions or simply chronicling your journey through the arts, these notebooks stand ready to capture every word.

There are all sorts of methods for withstanding and recovering from rejection. Some people have a particular cry-chocolate-alcohol-sleep-recover routine. I’ve even known people to deep dive into research about the person who has rejected them, in order to find some flaw that proves categorically that person’s opinion is invalid. (Don’t recommend that one…)

No matter how much we arm ourselves against the turn-downs, no matter how meticulous we are in nursing our self-esteem back to full health, rejection hurts. It can set you back. It can convince you to toss out things you shouldn’t, agree to compromises that aren’t helpful, make you averse to creative risks, or steer you away from a potentially fruitful fresh idea. And I don’t think the answer is always in the management of your disappointment. Sometimes, the intervention needs to come earlier.

For those who find solace in music or are inclined to compose their way through the emotional landscape of rejection, Beechmore Books' Manuscript/Music notebooks offer the perfect blend of function and inspiration, ensuring every note you write contributes to your journey towards sharing your work with confidence.

Creativity is such a private process, even when it’s a collaboration. In order to get anything flowing, you have to really shelter and nurture that first little shoot of an idea. If the only place anyone was allowed to create was on a stage with thousands of eyes watching, the quality of the arts in our society would plummet. But the final aim of most artists or creatives is to share their work with the widest audience possible. So how do you make that transition? When is the right time to let the world in?

Whether your next project demands meticulous planning or complex calculations, Beechmore Books' Graph Paper Notebooks stand ready to support your work with precision, seamlessly integrating into the flow of your creative process. Each page invites a world where your thoughts and creativity flourish without bounds.