The Joy of Privacy

The Joy of Privacy

When I was little, one of my parents’ friends climbed Everest. I remember sitting with a small crowd in somebody’s dark living room, watching a slide-show of his photos. That was how social media used to work. Now, the living room is a cinema with enough seats for the entire population, and once you put the slides up, they stay on the screen forever.

In this era of oversharing, there’s something profoundly liberating about retreating into the realms of our personal privacy. For those fleeting moments of solitude, a Beechmore Books Hardcover Ruled Notebook becomes more than just a journal; it transforms into a sanctuary where your private thoughts and unshared adventures gain depth and meaning.

I want to talk about something that’s easily lost in the argy-bargy for online attention: the enjoyment of privacy. Not its moral value, or its security. The fun of privacy; the delight of it.

Experimenting with Identity

The first thing privacy does is free you from attachment to a particular identity. In the comfort of your privacy, you might find that your Beechmore Books Sketchbook is not just a vessel for your art but a canvas for your unseen, unregulated self-expression. Here, free from the eyes of judgment, your sketches might wander into realms you’d never dare explore publicly.

The Space to Make Mistakes

With this freedom comes the space to make mistakes. It’s in these moments, perhaps while scribbling in a Dotted Notebook from Beechmore Books, that you allow yourself the luxury of imperfection. Your doodles and drafts, never meant for the eyes of others, hold a charm and authenticity that is purely yours.

Rediscovering Play

Finally, privacy gives you the protected space in which you can stop being a grown-up and rediscover play. Maybe it's creating a mind map in your Graph Paper Notebook that starts as a project planner but ends as a testament to where your mind wanders when it's unshackled from the need to produce or perform.

There’s a question that’s often printed under a stock photo of a mountain top, and pinned to the wall above the office printer: What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? My version of it: What would you do if you knew you couldn’t show anyone?

Answer that question, and, more often than not, you’ll be heading in the direction of joy. And perhaps, in the privacy of your moments with a Beechmore Book in hand, you’ll find that joy is not in the sharing, but in the sheer pleasure of being.

Be Ready When Ideas Strike

In the spirit of cherishing our private joys and creative solitude, Beechmore Books offers a range of notebooks and journals that are perfect companions for those personal explorations. Whether it's the Manuscript/Music Notebook for those spontaneous compositions or the Travel Journal for your unshared journeys, find solace in knowing that some experiences are enriched not by their exposure but by their exclusivity to you.


Daisy Larkan | Writer & Editor

Daisy Larkan | Writer & Editor