How Do You Journal?

How Do You Journal?

We all use journals differently. Some scrawl, some sketch, some scribble. We love seeing your unique ways of using paper and pen (or pencil, or paint, or ink…), and we want to foster a community that helps get this most personal form of creativity flowing. Let’s swap ideas and inspire each other.

So many of us, in our own private spaces, are jotting in journals, like people have done for centuries. Most of us don’t show the fruits of our labour. We want to take a moment to honour the many hours we’ve all dedicated to journaling, and to curate a collection of images that show the diversity of our journaling practices as a community.

With that in mind, we are inviting you to send us a photo that shows your particular method of journaling. Whether you draw miniatures, write poems with strange layouts, play with colour and materials, or simply write flowing sentences in your favourite pen, we want to see it. Take a shot of your favourite pages, and if we love your image, we might just send you a free Beechmore Book!

Send your submission to:


Please note that any photos sent to us may be shared with our community of journal-keepers, on our website and on social media. If you’d like us to credit your photo, please include the appropriate tag or name in your email.