Artist Collaboration

Artist Collaboration

How Do You Journal? Reading Artist Collaboration 1 minute

 How would you like to help creators all over the world get inspired, while you yourself are rewarded for it? We don’t think there is a better way to get writers and sketchers flowing onto paper than by wrapping their notebooks in stimulating pieces of art.


Our mission at Beechmore Books is to support creatives in any way we can. We love collaborating with artists, and helping to promote and share their work. We produce a collection of our finest notebooks dressed in the art of some incredible creators, and we’re always looking out for new talent. If you produce images, prints, textiles, paintings, or any visual art that you think would work well printed on the cover of one of our limited edition artists’ journals, please get in touch.

Send us a brief bio and up to five images, with the subject line “artist collaboration” to

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