What Are Dotted Notebooks For? The Ultimate Guide

What Are Dotted Notebooks For? The Ultimate Guide

Discover the versatility and benefits of dotted notebooks for bullet journaling, sketching, and more. Learn how to unleash your creativity with dotted pages.

I want to tell you about a little secret weapon that's totally transformed my organizing and creative game: the dotted notebook. These bad boys are like the Swiss Army knife of the notebook world. Seriously, once you try one, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

At first glance, a dotted notebook might just look like a bunch of dots on a page. But oh, the possibilities those little dots hold! Whether you're a bullet journal aficionado, a sketching enthusiast, or just looking for a way to keep your notes and ideas organized, a dotted notebook is the way to go.

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What Are Dotted Notebooks

If you're new to the world of dotted notebooks, let me fill you in. A dotted notebook, also known as a dot grid journal or bullet journal, is a game-changer for anyone who loves to write, sketch, or organize their thoughts on paper. The magic lies in the dot grid format. Unlike lined or plain paper, a dotted notebook features a subtle grid of dots that provide a gentle guide for your pen or pencil. This gives you the freedom to write, draw, or create layouts in any way you choose.

Bullet Journaling

One of the most popular uses for dotted notebooks is bullet journaling. This flexible planning system allows you to track your tasks, events, and notes all in one place. The dot grid makes it easy to create custom layouts for your daily, weekly, or monthly spreads. As a designer, I've found that dotted notebooks are perfect for sketching out ideas and concepts. The dots provide just enough structure to keep my lines straight and my proportions accurate, without being too intrusive or distracting.

Drawing Straight Lines

Whether you're creating a table, drawing a diagram, or simply want to keep your handwriting neat, the dot grid is your best friend. The evenly spaced dots make it a breeze to draw straight lines and create crisp, clean layouts.

Benefits of Using a Dotted Notebook

So, why choose a dotted notebook over a traditional lined or plain notebook? Here are just a few of the benefits I've discovered: With a dotted notebook, it's easy to keep your notes, ideas, and plans organized. You can create custom layouts that work for you, whether that means using a habit tracker, a reading journal, or a simple to-do list.


The dot grid format is perfect for unleashing your creativity. You can sketch, doodle, or experiment with hand lettering without feeling constrained by lines or boxes. The dots are there when you need them, but they fade into the background when you don't.


One of the best things about a dotted notebook is its versatility. Whether you're a student taking study notes, a professional brainstorming ideas, or an artist sketching designs, a dotted notebook can handle it all. The dot grid adapts to your needs and style.

How to Use a Dotted Notebook

Now that you know the benefits of using a dotted notebook, let's dive into some of the ways you can make the most of this versatile tool. The first step in using a dotted notebook is to set up your journal. This means deciding on the purpose of your notebook and creating a basic structure. You might dedicate sections for different areas of your life, such as work, personal, and hobbies.

Creating Layouts

One of the fun parts of using a dotted notebook is creating custom layouts. A dot grid? More like your secret weapon for easily dividing pages into organized bits, popping together boxes and grids, not to mention exploring unique spread concepts without breaking a sweat. Think outside the box; you might surprise yourself. Grab a dotted notebook if you're serious about keeping an eye on your habits and shooting for those big goals. You can create a custom habit tracker that fits your specific needs and preferences. The dot grid makes it easy to create checkboxes, bar graphs, or other visual representations of your progress.

Taking Notes

Of course, a dotted notebook is still a notebook, which means it's perfect for taking notes. A dot grid acts like a ninja for your handwriting, there when you need it to keep things tidy but invisible enough not to box you in like lined paper does. You can easily create bullet points, diagrams, or mind maps to organize your thoughts.

Choosing the Right Dotted Notebook

When it comes to selecting a dotted notebook, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. We at Beechmore Books are proud to offer a Dotted Notebook that combines quality with careful design, hoping it meets your needs as well as it has ours. Our notebooks are crafted with 160gsm paper, designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable writing experience that prevents bleed-through and ghosting, perfect for various pens and creative uses.

Cover Material

Dotted notebooks come in a variety of cover materials, from hardcover to softcover, leather to vegan leather. Consider your personal preferences and how you'll be using your notebook. A hardcover may be more durable, while a softcover may be more flexible.

Size and Portability

Think about where you'll be using your dotted notebook and choose a size that fits your needs. A pocket-sized notebook may be perfect for on-the-go notes, while a larger notebook may be better for desktop use or more extensive projects.

Dotted Notebook Accessories

To really make the most of your dotted notebook, consider investing in a few key accessories. The right pen can make all the difference in your writing experience. Look for pens with smooth ink flow and a comfortable grip. Some popular choices for dotted notebooks include Sakura Micron pens, Staedtler Triplus Fineliners, and Tombow Dual Brush Pens.

Washi Tape and Stickers

Jazz up your dotted notebook with washi tape and stickers for that splash of color on your pages. Use them as a creative border, spotlight key info, or just sprinkle in some decorative flair.

Stencils and Rulers

If you want to take your layouts and designs to the next level, consider investing in a set of stencils or a ruler. Stencils can help you create consistent shapes and patterns, while a ruler can help you draw straight lines and measure out precise spacing. If you've been with us for a while or are just dipping your toes into bullet journaling, fingers crossed our tips have fired up your imagination. Happy journaling.

Key Takeaway: 


Dotted notebooks are your go-to for bullet journaling, sketching, and organizing thoughts with freedom. They blend creativity and structure, letting you customize layouts without feeling boxed in. Perfect for anyone wanting to track habits or unleash their artistic side.


That's the scoop from me to you. Dotted notebooks are the ultimate tool for unleashing your creativity and keeping your life organized. They're a jack-of-all-trades for your creative needs, perfect whether you’re jotting down notes, doodling in the margins, or laying out your bullet journal.

Remember, the key to making the most of your dotted notebook is to experiment and have fun. Don't be afraid to try new layouts, get creative with your designs, and let your personality shine through. The beauty of a dotted notebook is that it's a blank canvas waiting for you to make it your own.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a dotted notebook and start exploring the endless possibilities. Trust me, once you go dotted, you'll never go back!

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