A5 Softcover Ruled Notebook - Charcoal Black
Beechmore's A5 Charcoal Black journal, a staple for those who adore understated elegance.
A5 Charcoal Black softcover notebook, where dark sophistication meets everyday writing needs.
Contemporary Charcoal Black A5 diary from Beechmore, designed for modern writers and planners.
A5 notebook in chic Charcoal Black by Beechmore, featuring a soft cover and structured lines.
Softcover A5 Charcoal Black journal, perfect for creating bold ideas on neatly ruled pages.
Beechmore's A5 journal in versatile Charcoal Black, combining flexibility with a sleek design.

A5 Softcover Ruled Notebook - Charcoal Black

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Color:Charcoal Black

Where unboxing is a heavenly experience

The Beechmore Softcover Ruled Notebook comes in a sophisticated box, perfectly fit, minimalist, yet elegant, carefully wrapped in tissue paper, closed with a beautiful Beechmore Books logo sticker and a lovely quote inside, promising an unboxing experience akin to uncovering a treasure.

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What’s inside the Beechmore box

  • Ruled Journal Softcover Notebook
  • A5 size (5.8 x 8.3 inch /14.7 x 21.1 cm)
  • 160 pages / 80 sheets
  • 120gsm ivory cream paper
  • Ruled paper (5mm spacing between lines)

This Softcover notebook stands out for its resistance to pen ink bleed, erasing, ghosting, and shading, making it perfect for every writing enthusiast.

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Designed to perfection 

The Softcover Notebook, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, harmoniously blends British elegance, precision, and professionalism, elevating your writing experience to new heights of sophistication.

And It’s not just a softcover notebook… softcover editions are all about offering you sleek, ergonomic, premium notebooks that encourage your best ideas and creativity and journey through your creative writing with grace and ease.

Softcover Notebook marries the sleekness of vegan leather with the adaptability creative minds need.

Its remarkably soft yet impressively durable cover effortlessly withstands daily wear without succumbing to marks or indentations.

Boasting a palette of vibrant colors, the notebook appeals to every aesthetic preference and brings sophistication to your workspace or study.

Designed with inclusivity, it transcends cultural and societal boundaries, making it a versatile choice for anyone, regardless of gender, religion, or race.

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Crafted for convenience

The Softcover Notebook is thoughtfully equipped with functional features designed for convenience and durability.

This robust notebook, built to withstand the rigors of daily use, has repeatedly proven its durability. Whether surviving the hustle of a busy teacher's bag or the constant movement in a vehicle, its sturdy construction ensures it remains your reliable companion.

We have thought of everything …

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The secure elastic closure ensures your pages remain intact. The closure strap and a ribbon are color-coordinated, adding a touch of aesthetic harmony.

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The subtle bookmark ribbon elegantly helps you keep track of the last page you were on and quickly find the next blank page for your next entry.

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A spacious back pocket provides ample room for storing essentials such as post-its, envelopes, and cards, proving very practical.

Pure writing pleasure

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Within, pages with edge-to-edge lines await, ready for your words. Each page is meticulously designed with a 5mm spacing between lines, offering the perfect balance for legibility without overwhelming the page.

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Crafted from high-quality 120gsm paper, this notebook stands out for its durability and bleed-resistant qualities. It adeptly handles a variety of pens-from gel and ultra-fine-tip sharpies to fountain pens - without smudging or bleeding, a boon for left-handers accustomed to smearing challenges.

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The paper has a nice touch and doesn't slide around, enabling one-handed writing and allowing your pen to flow smoothly across the paper. Its soft ivory cream color is soothing to the eyes, perfect for prolonged writing sessions.

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180° lay-flat design allows the pages to lay flat when opened, and you can smooth it out by hand; the lines on the right and left sides line up so you can write across the two pages with no problem.

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The production quality is immediately apparent when you pick it up; the binding is sturdy with no loose pages or glue drips, and the page edges are even and smooth. The book is bound with a textured softcover and headbands, an additional quality step to provide sturdiness. Because of the stiff backing, it is perfect to write on soft surfaces like your leg or the arm of a pillowy chai.

A perfect canvas for your thoughts

Whether journaling, note-taking, or storytelling, this journal is crafted to inspire and support every aspect of your writing journey. It subtly sends the message that this journal's notes and writings are "important."

This may be all you need to finally listen to your creativity!

This journal is designed to be by your side wherever inspiration strikes. It's the perfect size to take anywhere with you. It fits in bags, purses, and deep pockets and is even comfortable to carry.

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A symphony of British elegance

Immerse yourself in the sophistication of our British-designed travel planners. Bound in specially sourced, tactile, vegan leather, each Beechmore Book undergoes rigorous color accuracy testing in our London studio.

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Gift of sophistication

Packaged to perfection, this notebook represents the pinnacle of gifting. Its luxurious leather cover and premium packaging elevate it beyond a mere writing instrument to a symbol of elegance and class.

Whether for a holiday, a special occasion, or as a token of appreciation, it's a gift that speaks volumes, offering a blend of functionality and style that's sure to be cherished.

The Beechmore Softcover Journal is a gift that not only inspires but also endures, making every writing experience a pleasure.

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