About Us

We started Beechmore Books in a design studio in London with a simple mission: to make notebooks that are impossible to leave empty. Whether it’s planning out your next big idea, exploring creative material, meticulously recording important details, or confessing the most private of feelings, it all begins with a crisp blank page in a carefully selected notebook. We want to encourage inspiration, ease the note-taking process, and provide the best possible space into which the Beechmore Books community can pour and store their ideas and creativity.

Our production process

We care about every detail of the production of our premium, vegan-leather-bound, thick-papered Beechmore Books, because a truly refined, ergonomic journal can change the way you write, how you take notes, or even the scope of your imagination. We specially source the vegan leather we use for our covers, carry out extensive colour testing to for the most stylish, elegant look, and use paper of the highest quality, at an impressive thickness of 120gsm. We use a rigorous in-house book binding process to ensure a 180° lay-flat binding, because we know that being able to take notes one-handed, or photograph the entirety of pages, or work right to the margins, is important to our notebook users. We ensure Beechmore Books are the most functional, durable, superbly crafted notebooks, so that you don’t have to think about anything but how best to fill the pages.

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Providing opportunities for creatives

An important part of the Beechmore Books mission is to support writers, artists and creatives of all sorts. Whether that’s through running competitions with great rewards, paying writers to publish their work in The Journal, or collaborating with artists to wrap limited edition notebooks in their beautiful art, we’re always thinking about how to best foster our supportive and inspiring creative community. We’re also a highly agile and dynamic team, and we adore off-the-wall ideas. If you have a proposal of any kind, and you think we might be able to do something together, we’d love to hear from you.

Bespoke products for the best brands

Our notebooks, with your name or branding, make a real impression. Whether you want to establish a sense of brand authority, offer something elegant to clients, or simply set the right tone of refinement in your workplace, we can help. Our flexible designs allow for full customisation, and we’d be happy to work with you to develop just the notebook you need. Whatever you choose, we guarantee the highest quality of products and service.

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