Beechmore Guides: 10 London Coffee Shops To Write In This Weekend

Beechmore Guides: 10 London Coffee Shops To Write In This Weekend

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Beechmore Guides: 10 London Coffee Shops To Write In This Weekend

Beechmore Editor

If you’re like me, you seem to spend your lifetime looking for places that inspire you to wile away a few hours, sitting comfortably with a pen in hand set amongst the playlist of the muffled hum of interesting ideas forming in the background. Well lucky for you, I’ve done the work for you. Here you’ll find a tightly edited map of London spots where the coffee is good, the words are flowing and the people are like-minded. 

Our Beechmore Guides complement what we do at Beechmore Books. Our designs are inspired by the timeless tradition and quality that is the essence of papermaking and bookbinding. The team often discuss local finds, literature, architecture and style, which all speak to the core of Beechmore. Fundamentally, our mission is to support the ideas  process of creatives around the globe, and here you’ll find the practical advice from our team that also supports that goal. Together, the journal and guides provide a holistic approach to support Beechmore in your life. 



A truly global city, home to residents that speak over 300 languages, London is a bottomless sink-hole of inspiration. That being said, it can feel easy to get lost in the throng of towering buildings and sea of tourists. But, there are pockets of serenity found within the city buzz, with just enough murmurings of the energised streets outside to galvanise your thoughts onto paper. 



Pennethornes Bar: Somerset House

Embankment, WC2R

Pennethornes Bar and Cafe is situated inside Somerset House, but step inside Pennethorne’s and you could have gone back in time. The space has an air of a jazz club crossed with an elegant drinkery. It wouldn't feel out of place for the air to carry the stain of cigar smoke with fragrant whispers of conspiracy. 



Milk Coffee

Balham, SW12



Found in leafy Balham, I recommend going to Milk for the Coffee, but staying for the food. From fresh salad and eggs a multitude of ways to sweet treats, you’ll be having one of the best brunches around. The cafe seems to be drenched in sun all day long, so grab a seat in the corner window, and you’ll be able to people-watch for hours. 



Mae & Harvey

Victoria Park, E3


The simple coffee house and eatery is built on a foundation of good fresh ingredients, and community spirit. If you’re in the mood for some shopping, you’ll find high quality pantry essentials, original artworks and handpicked flowers. No laptops are allowed, so don’t forget your Beechmore to make full use of the lack of distractions. 


The Modern Pantry 

Clerkenwell, EC1V


More a restaurant than a cafe, the Modern Pantry is a fresh, floral and light space. I recommend spending a long lunch here, and let the comings and goings of the city wash over you from the sanctuary of your central seat. 


Victoria and Albert Museum Cafe

South Kensington, SW7


The V&A hosts some of the best ceilings in London, and with design around every corner, it’s worth visiting the cafe twice. Once inside, to be awed by the architecture and decadence of what was once a three-room museum restaurant, designed by three different architects. Guests would be split, based upon social status, and the Gamble, Morris and Poynter room were all directed by Henry Cole. Visit a second time on a sunny day to spend time in the grounds, surrounded by flora, fauna and fountains. 



Nkora Cafe

Shoreditch / Cambridge Heath


This sundrenched, laid back east London coffee shop does food, but coffee is the focus. Pull up a squashy chair in the basement for a real oasis from Shoreditch, and drink your way through their specialty coffee menu. 


The Vaults Collective

Crystal Palace, SE19



A plant lovers paradise, it’s ideal to visit this coffee shop come bakery come plant shop after you’ve blown the cobwebs away in Crystal Palace Park. Perfect for plant based people, everything is dairy free, from the coffee to the cakes. 


WatchHouse Coffee

Multiple Locations 


Another central London chain, ideal for when you have some time to pass is Watchouse Coffee. Starting as a small pop-in shop in Bermondsey, WatchHouse now has locations across South and East London as well as offering coffee subscriptions delivered directly to your door. 

N I N E 

Nolas Coffee

Peckham, SE15


Get a window seat in this modern, minimal but beautiful space in south east london, and you’ll be able to watch the world pass by for hours. I would recommend a toasted cinnamon roll to accompany your coffee, and you’ll find a variety of wares sourced from local businesses with an ethical brand mission. 


Monmouth Coffee Company

Multiple Locations


Available from three locations, this small coffee chain source and roast coffee from small farms, mainly from South America. Their cosy cafes have high quality coffee, a casual feel and central London locations.