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BEECHMORE GUIDES: Buying Gifts For Men

Beechmore Editor

Buying a gift for someone who identifies as a man is actually tougher than you think. Regardless of your relationship to them, there seems to be a minefield of decisions to make. Age, interests, location and delivery options mixed with what you think the person will like. 

Let's go through the decision making process: 


Think about their relationship to you. How intimate can you go with this gift? The answer is usually to be as intimate as you can. Regardless of how appropriate you might think it is, the more effort you put in, the more appreciative they will be. Even if the person is close to you (like a father or brother) it can be tough because their response whenever asked for a gift is usually; ‘don’t know, pants & socks or whatever!’


Are they an avid fan of anything? Unless specified or tested through other people, I would avoid going for the obvious. Just because someone likes art or cooking, it doesn't mean they want every gift to be related to these themes. They would usually have everything they need or a list of the things they want.


COVID has definitely made this more difficult. With shops and boutiques closing because of lockdown, everyone has moved online. You can find some great online store alternatives such as Amazon or Not On The Highstreet. My advice is to go with the quickest delivery time and a vendor that you can trust. Just remember to check the return policy.  


When it comes to Christmas and birthdays, I want to remember how the recipient felt when opening my gift as this makes me feel happy too. If you are not bothered then I am sure something from the seasonal aisle in M&S or Waitrose will do! If you want them to have a warming and joyful experience when opening and receiving your gift, I would suggest going for a wrapped box of smaller items that are all individually wrapped. This will make the experience longer and more exciting!

Once you have thought about all this and you still don’t know what to get them, choose an item they are likely to use everyday and find a nicer/better version of what they have.

If you are still unsure then we have chosen our top 2021 gifts for men which will be perfect for Father’s Day, birthdays or even Christmas!

Top 2021 Gifts for Men

John Lewis & Partners:

Oxfordshire Belt



Balance: Classic Skin Care Kit



Light Blue Dial / Midnight Blue Leather Strap


Daunt Books:

Daunt Books Subscriptions


Beechmore Books:

Vegan Leather Journal


London UnderCover:

Classic Umbrella



Tokyo Totepack


The Conran Shop:

Andrew McAteer’s Leather Toolbox


Nude Glass:

Ghost Zero Tulip Wine Glasses


The Stem:

Glass Terrarium